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Common Work-Related Forklift Injuries

Common Work-Related Forklift Injuries

Did you know that 96,785 workers are injured by forklifts each year? Did you know that many of these injures are caused by improper training or reckless behavior? Although the use of forklifts is a crucial aspect of countless business operations, it is important to be aware of the many safety risks that workers face when working with or around these motorized vehicles.

Forklift Safety Statistics

Forklift accidents each year:

  • Non-Serious Accidents: 61,800
  • Accidents With Injury: 34,900
  • Fatal Accidents: 85

Types of fatal accidents:

  • Crushed Between Vehicle & Surface: 25%
  • Crushed by Vehicle Tipping Over: 42%
  • Crushed by 2 Vehicles: 11%
  • Run Over by Forklift: 10%
  • Fall from Platform on Forks: 4%
  • Falling Material: 8%

What Industry Has the Most Forklift Accidents?

Below are the statistics for fatal forklift accidents by industry:

  • Manufacturing: 42.5%
  • Construction: 23.8%
  • Wholesale Trades: 12.5%
  • Transportation: 11%
  • Retail: 9%
  • Mining: 1.2%

Forklift Safety

Forklift related injuries tend to be on the larger scale, but unfortunately, many of these accidents can be avoided by simply training workers better and implementing a clear safety policy. This is why it is crucial to make sure that all workers who use and operate forklifts have been certified. All forklifts should also be equipped with warning signals, such as lights and an alarm/horn to warn nearby people when it is moving.

The following safety inspection checklist should be completed daily before operating a forklift:

  • Does the horn properly work?
  • Are there any hydraulic leaks?
  • Has the battery terminal been covered?
  • Are the fuel connections tight?
  • Is the forklift clear of any flammable hazards?
  • Do the tires have the proper amount of pressure?
  • Are all of the controls and levers properly functioning?
  • Does the steering wheel respond to your movements?
  • Are the brakes smooth and reliable?
  • Are the seatbelts working?

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