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What If a Dangerous Vehicle Design Caused My Car Accident?

What If a Dangerous Vehicle Design Caused the Car Accident?

Dealing with the aftermath of a car accident is hard enough. Trying to figure out who to sue when a defective car part caused the accident is harder. Going up against a vehicle manufacturing company can also be intimidating. Many companies have teams of lawyers that will attempt to discredit you. Reach out to a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer to avoid facing this alone.

When Defective Parts Cause Car Accidents

There are a variety of things that can go wrong with a vehicle while driving. Some car problems can be harmless while others can cause major accidents. Certain vehicle defects are considered safety hazards. Common examples of these include:

  • Fragile steering parts
  • Wiring system problems
  • Fuel system defects that cause fires
  • Accelerator issues
  • Cracking wheels
  • Engine part defects that cause engine failure or hazards

What If a Dangerous Vehicle Design Caused the Car Accident?

Many of these safety hazards involve control of the vehicle. Defective parts that result in the loss of control of the vehicle are deemed dangerous. When these faulty parts are found in more than one vehicle, recalls of these parts may occur.

Recalls involve a widespread replacement of these parts in the affected vehicles. Consumers are supposed to be warned of these defects and the hazards that may follow. A company that fails to recall a defective part that impacts multiple drivers could face several lawsuits and legal trouble.

The hard part is knowing whether a vehicle defect caused the car accident. This may require examination of the accident and vehicle damages by an expert. One of the main challenges with this is distinguishing between damage after the accident and defects before the accident.

Legal Steps to Take After a Car Accident

Whether you suspect a defective vehicle part caused the accident, there are certain legal steps that are important to take. First, collect the other driver’s basic contact and auto insurance information. Write down details of the accident. Take pictures of injuries and vehicle damages. Obtain copies of the police report and medical records for your accident claim.

When you suspect a defective part caused the accident, you might be able to sue the product manufacturer. This involves a product liability claim, which can be used for:

  • Defective vehicle designs
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Marketing defects

Proving a defective vehicle design can be enormously challenging. You may need to find original blueprints and designs of the vehicle to point out specific defects. The company may try to challenge your claim.

Consider contacting a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer to explore what legal steps are required. A lawyer can help you defend your lawsuit and collect the evidence you need.

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