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Pasadena, CA – Traffic Collision with Injuries on E Washington Blvd near Del Rey Ave

Pasadena, CA - Traffic Collision with Injuries on E Washington Blvd near Del Rey Ave

Pasadena, CA (May 20, 2022) – Three people were injured in a car wreck reported in Pasadena in the early morning hours of Thursday, May 19. Early reports show that the wreck happened at around 1:15 a.m. 

Officials reported that the incident occurred on East Washington Boulevard near Del Rey Avenue. At the scene, a vehicle with severe damage was found hanging from a power pole support wire. Another car was found with extensive damage to its front end. 

At this time, the injured parties have not been identified. Police in Pasadena continue to investigate the details of the accident. 

Traffic was delayed in the vicinity of the crash site while authorities and other responders worked to secure the scene. Drivers commuting on East Washington Boulevard near Del Rey Avenue were forced to use different travel routes due to the extent of the wreckage in the area. 

We hope for the full recovery of those with injuries. 

California Auto Accidents

Pasadena, CA - Traffic Collision with Injuries on E Washington Blvd near Del Rey AveCalifornia car crash statistics continue to become more alarming as time goes on. The state of California sees more car accidents than any other state in the nation. More than 400,000 auto collisions occur in the Golden State every year. The majority of these accidents are caused by reckless, careless, and/or negligent drivers. Each year, thousands of people are killed in these accidents. Approximately 3,200 people lose their lives in car wrecks in California every year. 

Negligent driving is a serious concern throughout the United States. On average, more than 13,000 Americans lose their lives due to distracted driving every year. Throughout the nation, approximately 31% of all traffic fatalities are caused by distracted driving. Smartphones and other handheld technology have greatly increased the number of distracted drivers on the roadways. 

Even if you’re the most careful driver out there, you could still be hurt in a car wreck caused by a negligent driver. If you or someone you love has recently been hurt in a car wreck caused by driver negligence, you may be able to collect compensation. Most of the costs associated with your accident should be covered by financial compensation. The law says that anyone who is hurt by another person’s  negligent actions should be compensated for their damages. Things like lost wages from being stuck in the hospital, medical care, and vehicle repairs may all be covered by financial compensation if you’ve been injured by another driver’s reckless, careless, or negligent actions. 

The average cost of sustaining serious injuries in a car crash is more than $50,000 in the United States. The average emergency room visit costs more than $3,000, while the cost of an ambulance ride sits at around $900. It is hard to accept that getting hurt, especially by another person, can cost so much money. 

However, by hiring a personal injury lawyer, you may be able to negate these costs. A car crash lawyer in Pasadena may be able to award you financial compensation for your injuries and losses. Depending on the circumstances of your accident, a personal injury attorney may be able to help you recover in more ways than one. 

Financial compensation can allow you to focus on your mental and physical recovery rather than worry about how you’re going to pay for everything. When you’re hurt by another person’s careless actions, you should not have to pay to recover. Negligent parties should always be held accountable for their actions that led to injuries for another person. 

Contact the law office of Jennie Levin, P.C. to be connected with a Pasadena car accident lawyer if you have recently been injured by another person’s negligence. An attorney will provide you with all of the information needed to successfully file a personal injury claim for compensation. You deserve the maximum amount of financial compensation after suffering injuries due to the carelessness of another driver. You can reach us at 323-951-1188 to see how we can help you. 

Note: Our writers utilized outside sources when creating this accident news post. These sources include but are not limited to local and national news reports, local and state police accident reports, and, at times, eyewitness accounts about injury accidents that happen in and around Los Angeles County.  If you locate any information that is inaccurate in this post, please contact the Law Offices of Jennie Levin as soon as possible so that we can correct the post to reflect the most accurate information available. We will remove this post if requested. 

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