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Los Angeles, CA – Alexis Covarrubias Killed in Multi-Car Wreck on 105 Fwy near Central Ave

Los Angeles, CA - Alexis Covarrubias Killed in Multi-Car Wreck on 105 Fwy near Central Ave

Los Angeles, CA (July 18, 2022) – A man identified as Alexis Covarrubias, age 37, lost his life in a fatal car accident reported in Los Angeles on Thursday, July 14. The incident was reported to have taken place on the 105 Freeway. 

Sources say the accident happened near Central Avenue when police were chasing a copper Kia SUV sedan. The vehicle collided with a red car in the westbound lanes of the 105 which then caused a multi-vehicle collision. 

Eventually, police pronounced the driver of the red vehicle deceased. He was identified as Alexis Covarrubias. Paramedics transported the 14-year-old driver of the Kia and their 15-year-old passenger to an area hospital with injuries. 

The crash involved other vehicles, however, no additional details have been reported at this time. 

We would like to offer our sincere condolences to the family of Alexis Covarrubias at this time. Our thoughts are with everyone involved. 

California Car Accidents

 Los Angeles, CA - Alexis Covarrubias Killed in Multi-Car Wreck on 105 Fwy near Central AveTens of thousands of people are hurt in California car wrecks each year. A large percentage of these injuries happen in Los Angeles. 

Victims and their families are impacted in numerous ways by car accidents. We like to hope that everyone is able to leave the scene of an accident unhurt, however, this is not always the case. More than 3,200 people are killed per year in the Golden State due to vehicle collisions. Over 270,000 sustain injuries. 

Alarmingly, almost all of these accidents happen due to some form of driver negligence. Driver negligence includes driving while distracted, intoxicated, or any other activity that keeps your attention from the roadway. Over 94% of all auto accidents in the United States are the result of some form of driver negligence. 

When a loved one is lost due to the negligent actions of another driver, surviving family members may feel frustrated and overwhelmed. A wrongful death lawyer in California will be able to help you move forward from the aftermath of your loved one’s crash in more ways than one.  

If someone you love has recently lost their life due to the negligence of another driver in Los Angeles, you may qualify for significant compensation. Compensation can cover some or all of the costs associated with your loved one’s passing, including but not limited to funeral costs, medical bills, and even lost wages. Contacting a Los Angeles wrongful death attorney is your best bet if you wish to receive just financial compensation. If you attempt to collect on your own, you may be taken advantage of by the insurance companies and miss out on other forms of compensation that a lawyer may be able to help you receive. You can also collect compensation in the form of pain and suffering, among other forms. 

The Los Angeles personal injury lawyers at the law offices of Jennie Levin, P.C., have an excellent track record when it comes to providing victims and their families with the best, most effective legal help available. We hold a firm belief that no one should ever have to pay for being injured by another person’s negligence. We also believe that the people who cause these accidents due to being careless or otherwise inattentive should be held accountable for their actions. Depending on the circumstances of your case, we will award you compensation in the form of punitive damages and loss of consortium in order for you to get your life back on track as quickly and seamlessly as possible after your accident. Call 323-951-1188 to get started on your case today. 

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