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Most Common Symptoms of a Serious Brain Injury

Most Common Symptoms of a Serious Brain Injury

A violent impact to the head is all it takes to cause a serious brain injury. The most dangerous thing about serious brain injuries is how some of them can go unnoticed. This is why visiting the emergency room, or a walk-in clinic is an important step to take if you suspect a brain injury. Sleeping off a brain injury could be fatal. If your brain injury was caused by someone else, talk to a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer about your options.

Serious Brain Injury Symptoms

The initial symptoms experienced after a violent hit to the head will tell a person how severe the brain injury is. Mild concussions and less severe brain injuries often have temporary symptoms that go away within an hour. Moderate to severe brain injuries may have symptoms that last several hours or days.

Assessing the symptoms you experience right after being hit on the head is important. Common initial brain injury symptoms include:

  • Passing out for brief moments of time
  • Feeling dizzy or disoriented
  • Sudden drowsiness
  • Loss of coordination or balance

Some people may also experience blurry vision, ringing ears, and dilated pupils. Moderate to severe brain injuries that require immediate medical attention involve more serious symptoms. Nausea with vomiting, seizures, not waking up, and a worsening headache are signs of these types of brain injuries.

Most Common Symptoms of a Serious Brain Injury

Some people may also feel confused, forget who or where they are or slur their words when talking. Fluids that flow from the nose or ears can be a strong physical sign of a severe brain injury. The reason seeking medical attention is so vital for brain injuries is because:

  • Some moderate to severe brain injuries can go undetected and worsen over time
  • Untreated brain injuries can lead to permanent disabilities or death
  • Brain injuries that involve swelling or blood building up in the brain can cause severe brain damage or death

Can I Sue for a Brain Injury?

You might be able to file a personal injury lawsuit if someone else was at fault for your brain injury. Some of the most common personal injuries happen from:

  • Car accidents
  • Work accidents
  • Assaults
  • Defective products

The hardest part to prove in a personal injury claim is negligence. This means proving why the other person was at fault and that reckless actions were involved. Proving damages simply requires submitting documents like:

  • Medical records
  • Pay stubs for lost wages
  • Police reports if needed
  • Pictures of injuries and property damages

Try contacting a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer if you have any questions about how this process works. A lawyer can help you defend your claim.

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Serious brain injuries can radically change your future. However, you may not have to pay for all the damages that result if someone was at fault for your injury. You can contact the Law Offices of Jennie Levin today at (323) 951-1188 to talk to a California accident attorney for a free consultation. Our legal team can help you obtain fair compensation for your lost wages, pain and suffering, and medical expenses. We are located in Los Angeles, California.