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How to Stay Safe and Adhere to a ‘Safer at Home’ Order

The city of Los Angeles has extended its Safer at Home Order until May 15, but people still have to get groceries and go out for exercise. Unfortunately, leaving the house is dangerous for more reasons than one during this largely unprecedented pandemic.

Not only do you risk exposure to the 2019 coronavirus disease (COVID-19), but you can also fall victim to someone else’s negligence. Here at the Law Offices of Jennie Levin, P.C., we’ve put together some do’s and don’ts to help guide you through your daily activities.

Getting Places

Whether you need to drive to the grocery store, complete an essential job, or take care of a friend or family member, you may have to spend some time behind the wheel while the Safer at Home Order is in place. Because they are emptier than usual, the roads may feel safer than usual, too. But this is not the case.

  • We have noticed that since the lock down went in affect automobile and motorcycle accidents have much bigger property damages with subsequently greater bodily injuries. It is mostly due to the fact that drivers are not paying attention to legal speed limit signs and do not pay attention to road conditions as before. With less traffic on the street it is now easier to speed, and we know from safe driving at higher speeds driver’s attention is reduced.
  • Do – If you need to leave your house and drive for any essentials make sure to abide to local speed limit signs and safe road conditions making sure you pay attention to your surroundings.


  • DON’T speed (speeding tickets for drivers going 100+ mph have increased by 44% during the COVID-19 pandemic).


Crashes in California have gone down overall, but the accidents that do occur are very serious.

Aside from exposure to the virus, the second biggest risk going to the grocery store after accidents are slip-and-fall accidents and car crashes in the parking lot.

  • Do – Be mindful of your surroundings and keep in mind that with increased sanitation and cleaning comes an increased risk of wet floors or slippery surfaces. Always try to get in and out of the grocery store as quickly and safely as you can, but don’t run to avoid slip-and-fall injuries.


Getting Exercise


Walking, running, and biking can be great ways to get out of your house and stay healthy. Anytime you are outside of your home, however, you will need to exercise extra caution, as well.

  • DO wear a helmet whenever you ride a bicycle.
  • DO wear face masks and disposable gloves.
  • DO change gloves and sanitize your hands regularly.
  • DO stay in your neighborhood.
  • DO walk, run, and bike in places where pedestrian safety measures are in place.
  • DO be mindful of road closures.
  • DO watch for cars and other vehicles.
  • DO NOT run, walk, or bike in crowded areas.
  • DO NOT run, walk, or bike on unfamiliar roads.
  • DO NOT assume cars can see you.
  • DO NOT assume cars will stop.

Once again, you should only go outside when you need to, and you should always be careful of cars, trucks, and other vehicles. Be mindful of your surroundings. With reduced traffic, drivers may be speeding or not paying attention.  The last thing you want is a preventable injury or a trip to the hospital.

Getting Help

Even if you follow all the rules and do your best to stay safe, someone else’s carelessness could cause an accident or harm to you.

If you are injured during the pandemic, Attorney Jennie Levin is here to help.

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Stay safe, stay healthy, and know that we are here for you if you need us!

Note: Our safety suggestions are based on local ordinances and guidelines from public health agencies. For the most accurate and up-to-date information on coronavirus, please consult the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO).