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Four Types of Traumatic Brain Injuries

Four Types of Traumatic Brain Injuries

Moderate to severe traumatic brain injuries can lead to unexpected life changes. Some people with mild to moderate brain injuries are able to recover, however, other people could be left with permanent limitations that lead to job loss and financial challenges. If your brain injury was caused by someone else, you could be eligible for compensation. Do not hesitate to ask a Los Angeles personal injury attorney for help.

Four Types of Brain Injuries

There are four main types of brain injuries that include closed, penetrating, primary, and secondary brain injuries. Closed brain injuries involve no skull fractures, but rather, internal bruising and tearing to brain tissue. What happens during a closed brain injury is the head is jolted in such a way that the brain impacts the sides of the skull, inflicting damage.

Penetrating brain injuries do involve skull fractures or punctures. In cases like this, brain damage can occur from skull fragments or the object that penetrated the skull. This is similar to a primary brain injury when damage to the brain occurs during the injury itself. Car accidents are also responsible for many primary brain injuries.

However, primary brain injuries can evolve into secondary brain injuries. What happens with secondary brain injuries is that internal bleeding and other changes in the brain after the injury cause further damage. Without proper treatment, secondary brain injuries may worsen over time and result in more severe brain damage.

Four Types of Traumatic Brain Injuries

This is why calling 911 for serious brain injuries is so important. Inflammation, swelling, bleeding, and infections can all worsen a brain injury. If a person goes to sleep after a major brain injury, the chances of death could increase. Exploring the different severity levels of brain injuries can help you figure out when to seek emergency medical assistance.

Brain Injury Severity Levels

The three types of brain injury severity levels are mild, moderate, and severe. Mild brain injuries include symptoms like:

  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea and vomiting

Some people may also find it difficult to talk right after a mild concussion. Others may experience temporary blurry vision, ringing ears, or a strange taste in their mouth. Brief memory problems and loss of consciousness are not uncommon.

Moderate to severe brain injuries include many of these symptoms, but for a longer duration and with greater severity. The person may lose consciousness for several minutes or hours. Pupils might be dilated, seizures may start, and clear fluids tend to come from the nose.

Many people also experience weakness, numbness, confusion, slurred speech, unusual anger, and a severe headache. Consider contacting a Los Angeles accident lawyer if your brain injury was caused by someone else. You could be eligible for significant compensation.

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