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Crash Closes Westbound Lanes on Fountain Avenue

Last week, 2 cars crashed on Fountain Ave in the early hours of the morning around 7 AM. This blocked all lanes to westbound traffic between Hayworth and Crescent Heights, undoubtedly sparking plenty of aggravation for those who encountered unexpectedly slow driving times. One of the vehicles was coming on a side street at extremely high speed and collided with a truck, making it roll over to the side. The truck driver and his dogs had to be pulled out from the vehicle. West Hollywood Sheriff’s were called and investigated the scene.

The city may have some liability for this accident, as this is one accident of many which have occurred on Fountain Ave., and residents have long been pushing to have the City make changes to this area. While the top city engineers are working on a plan to present to city council to February, City Hall is being pushed to quite quickly implement immediate safety measures regarding this area–which is used by countless Los Angeles drivers as a means of efficiently traveling through West Hollywood.

Our trusted Los Angeles personal injury lawyer, Attorney Jennie Levin, is representing one of the parties in this accident.

You can read more about this accident as well as the proposed changes for Fountain Ave. by clicking here.

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