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Attorney Levin Wins $500,000 Settlement for Rear-Ended Client

Attorney Jennie Levin is proud to announce her recent success in a case for her client, who was injured in a rear-end accident by a rideshare driver! Thanks to her persistence and unrelenting protection of her client’s rights, she was able to obtain a settlement amount of $500,000!

The road to this settlement was not an easy one. The rideshare company fought the claim alleging the injuries and treatments were the result of pre-existing conditions that were unrelated to the actual accident. Her client had to undergo a series of injections to his neck and when those failed to help, he had to have his nerves burned (medical term for the procedure is rhyzhotomy) .

This led to a substantial amount of medical bills and expenses, but the rideshare company adamantly refused to admit liability for these procedures. Instead, they offered him a grossly inadequate initial settlement of $21,000 . This amount would not have been enough to cover the costs of her client’s medical expenses, let alone compensate him for the pain and suffering, loss of income from missed work, and more.

In their offer, the rideshare company attempted to use her client’s previous history of auto accidents against him, saying that the previous incidents were responsible for his injuries, not the one involving their driver.

This is not an uncommon tactic for large companies and insurance carriers. In many cases, large insurance carriers will hastily offer clients a dramatically reduced settlement and attempt to force them to accept it by making it appear as though they don’t have a strong case.

Attorney Levin knew otherwise. Her client had sustained serious injuries as a result of the incident and would not have needed the extensive treatment he received had the accident never occurred; therefore it was the company’s responsibility to pay for these treatments as well as other related expenses.

She told me “Let’s fight Gregor.” I felt confident having her by my side, so I said “Let’s do it.” I could not be happier that I trusted Ms. Levin through the process and had her fight for me.

The case proceeded to litigation and ultimately was settled for a grand total of half a million dollars! This just goes to show that even though an insurance company may pressure you or threaten you with allegations that your injuries are illegitimate and you should accept the settlement they offer you, your case is often worthy of a far greater amount. If you are injured in a car accident and received a sub-par settlement offer from the other person’s insurance, it’s imperative that you have a Los Angeles car accident attorney on your side.

Attorney Jennie Levin takes a professional and aggressive approach to each case and has a track record of delivering results. Whether you have been injured as a result of a rear-end collision, head on accident, or even as a pedestrian, her tenacity and legal ability make her a powerful ally to have on your side throughout your case. Don’t settle for less, let Attorney Levin review your case and work with you to develop a legal strategy that will help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

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