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Attorney Jennie Levin Files Lawsuit Against RelayRides for Injured Client

The Law Offices of Jennie Levin, P.C. in Los Angeles has recently filed a lawsuit against RelayRides, more commonly called Turo, in connection with a car accident involving Attorney Levin’s client.

Turo allows private car owners to list their cars in a smartphone car rental application. Renters using the app can browse nearby cars to rent on an hourly basis. Typically, Turo only lists high-end vehicle makes and models, such as Tesla, Maserati, and so on. Since Turo is a car rental service ran through a smartphone application, this might present some liability complications in our client’s lawsuit.

Our client was rear-ended by a driver who rented his car from Turo. The force was so great, our client’s car was shoved into an adjacent truck. Doctors diagnosed our client with severe injuries, including spinal damage that will require surgery to address. The medical costs alone, when considering all treatments and potentially years of therapeutic and rehabilitative care, could be staggering.

Turo was ordered to carry liability insurance up to $1,000,000 for accidents caused by drivers using the service. It is not known at this point if Turo intends on offering the coverage cap amount for the incident, or if the lawsuit will have to reach a jury verdict award. In either situation, Los Angeles personal injury Attorney Jennie Levin is prepared to protect her client’s best interests and rights.

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