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Sep 2018

I Was Riding My Bicycle & Was Hit by a Bird Scooter, Do I Need a Lawyer?

With electric scooters being one of the biggest trends to explode this summer, many cities have been angered by the chaos that these controversial vehicles have brought with them. From companies like Bird showing up and dropping off electric scooters without going through the proper local channels, to riders leaving scooters on sidewalks and walkways, …

Jul 2018

What Do I Need to Get Compensation in a Personal Injury Case?

In late June, a photographer walking his dog in downtown Los Angeles was brutally attacked by a violent homeless man, completely unprovoked. The man was struck with a piece of plywood with a nail attached, suffering a severe gash to his lip. As it were, a bystander saw what was happening and used a flying …

Jun 2017

Attorney Jennie Levin Files Lawsuit Against RelayRides for Injured Client

The Law Offices of Jennie Levin, P.C. in Los Angeles has recently filed a lawsuit against RelayRides, more commonly called Turo, in connection with a car accident involving Attorney Levin’s client. Turo allows private car owners to list their cars in a smartphone car rental application. Renters using the app can browse nearby cars to …

Jun 2017

Car Crash Case on Sunset & La Cienega Handled by Attorney Jennie Levin

On Sunday, May 21st, there was a two-car, multi-pedestrian accident at the intersection of La Cienega and Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood. Reports claim that two vehicles collided into one another at the busy intersection, throwing one of them, a minivan, into people standing curbside. Three people inside the two vehicles were hurt, as well …